Why We Started Acre

Over the years, we started noticing most of our paychecks were going towards our mortgage and energy bills. While our house checked all the usual boxes, it wasn’t functioning well for us. There was unused space, upkeep was time-consuming and our heating and cooling bills were through the roof. Like most people, we wanted more (for a lot less).

With our backgrounds in architecture, product design and construction, we started looking at how homes were built and quickly realized, nothing had changed in 100 years. Despite major cultural shifts and technological innovations, the way homes were designed and constructed had remained untouched.

It was time for a change.

So, we started looking at materials and technology to see how we could improve the model. This soon became our obsession, and Acre was born.

Now, we’re designing and building smart, efficient, beautiful homes for the same price as a traditional new build. These NetZero energy homes will be available nationwide. The house of the future is here.

Here’s what we will create:

  • A fixed offering of NetZero home designs.
  • Online design configuration and ordering.
  • Prepared kit of all materials.
  • Nationwide network of existing builders to assemble the homes on site.

Now that you know a little more about why we started Acre, we’d love to hear what you’d do without an energy bill. Share your plans with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by using #noenergybills.


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