What is a dream house?

Acre’s core mission is to bring a more intentional lifestyle within reach.  Whether your goal is to save money, reduce your impact on the planet, or recapture time for family and other experiences, your home should help you accomplish these goals.  Too often, a house becomes a burden instead of a benefit.  Acre stands in stark contrast to this. We create homes that are designed to be a meaningful reflection of your values. Our homes can be paid off quickly, with no ongoing energy bills, allowing you the freedom to pursue what matters most to you in life.

Take a moment to imagine the world that opens up when you no longer have to spend your weekends, your paycheck and precious resources on a home that doesn’t perform.  Would you travel? Start a business? Pick up an instrument or a paintbrush? Become a volunteer, a student, a missionary, an athlete?  Tell us – we want to hear from you!

We couldn’t say it any better than clients Mark & Tammy Griffin.  When asked why they chose an Acre home, Mark responded, “Instead of working to pay for something, we’d like to work to do the other things in our life that are more important…We feel that a dream house allows you to live your dream.”

What dream are you ready to pursue?

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