Through the Clouds-Shaking Off Debt

debt cloudWhy walk through life in the shadows?

Debt is not like a rain cloud, a quickly passing storm that can provide refreshing and nourishing water.  Debt it is more volcanic in nature, with its thick, dark, sun-blotting billows of ash.  Blocking the warmth of the sun, debt makes our lives colder and can slowly freeze us in our tracks.  The ash (remains of our money) rains down and grays out all which we see. Many have been entombed in debt, much like the residents of Pompeii.  The housing crash and resulting recession are reminiscent of such an eruption and while everyone was not buried in that catastrophe, all of us have seen the effects and had parts of our lives dusted in this ash.

This is all very gloomy, but many of us have become accustomed to living in these shadows and cannot imagine life without the weight of at least a home loan. It’s amazing what we can tolerate, even when it shapes much of our lives.

Pushing through these clouds is liberating and opens up a new horizon of possibilities.  Everything in life looks more vibrant and detailed without the burden of debt.   We are meant to walk upright, with the sun on our faces and a wide vista before us.  This independence is crucial to our happiness and how each of us participates in life and interacts with others. Without this weight of debt, we can achieve great things, or at least have more options in what we do and whom we are beholden to.

Sun breaks through

We are inspired by this ideal of having a wonderful home without the not so wonderful 30 year mortgage and the opportunities that follow.

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