Reality Smacked Gen X

reality-smacked-gen-xLet’s just blame it on the pregnancy hormones, shall we?  Good, now that that’s sorted out I can tell you about the day I’ve had.  It started with the customary 45 minutes of “quality time” with my toddler, which is mostly spent getting ready for work.  After that, I promptly backed our 10-year-old car into our 15-year-old car getting out of the driveway.  It’s ok; we recently discovered that neither of them will fit dual rear-facing car seats anyway, so we’ll soon be purchasing two new (to us) vehicles, but our trade-in values are quickly declining.  After working through lunch, I came home from a ten hour day to a child who is getting a jumpstart on a few signature traits of the “Terrible Twos”, namely crying at the slightest suggestion that she join us for dinner, exercising her First Amendment right to over-use the words “no” and “don’t”, and a new foray into hitting.  With an average of two hours spent with her in the evenings, I came to the awful realization that I am the person in her life with the least amount of time to correct these behaviors.  Whatever discipline method I research and decide is right for her, whatever hopes I have of gently guiding her through difficult growth periods, it will be up to someone else to implement it and shape my child into who she should be.  I recently had a discussion with my boss about career plans after baby #2, arriving in a few short months, and was told that my hopes for reduced full-time work likely wouldn’t be possible.  If they made an exception for me, soon everyone else would be lining up for special treatment.  And all these reasons are why I ended up sobbing in a tub of tepid bath water by 9pm.  See, hormones.

Andrew and I recently completed an exercise to hone in on the target audience for Acre homes.  This consisted of numerous “man-on-the-street” type interviews, which led us to the overwhelming conclusion that Acre is most appealing to “Reality-Smacked Gen X-ers.”  Don’t get me wrong, I typically cling to the fact that I technically belong to Generation-Y (by two short months), but today was confirmation of just why this target audience is so desperately in need of the lifestyle Acre is offering.  We’re tired, we’re strapped, we’re sick of debt that allows our job to demand all-or-nothing from us, and we just want to see our kids and interact with our families in a meaningful way.  There’s nothing about our current house (read: mortgage) that is worth the lifestyle it forces on us.  I hope that recent-grads or newlyweds or other first-time home buyers can see the wisdom in this, but sometimes it takes making a few mistakes to really learn a lesson.  Reality-Smacked Gen X-ers know this better than anyone, so take it from us, there’s a
better way.

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