Building, Simplified

We make a complicated process simple and easy to understand.



Ensure your property meets the necessary requirements.


Reserve your spot in line with an $10,000 reservation.


Select your finish packages and options.



Schedule a site visit, during which we’ll confirm details and exact building location.


Guide our local builder in constructing the foundation.


Deliver a package that includes all of the components for your home.


Construct your home via our local builder.

What is included?

All materials and construction. No really. Acre’s transparent pricing includes the entire home, including basic foundations and construction. From wall and roof panels, through appliances and light fixtures. Even the kitchen sink. Everything but the concrete and the labor to build your home arrives in four easy shipments, ensuring the best possible product.

Building Process


Acre homes can be built on flat lots or on steeply sloped properties. Site is cleared and graded, utilities are prepped, driveway may be put in. Septic, well, and other site upgrades are also done at this time.


Foundation is poured and prepared for home. Slab or pier-and-beam foundations are available, as well as basements where applicable.

Shipment #1

First shipment contains everything the builder needs to erect the main structure. SIPS wall and roof panels are assembled in 2-3 days, in a process than more traditionally takes 5-10 weeks (or longer).

Shipment #2

Shipment two provides all doors and windows, interior framing & mechanical systems. Builder will have the structure complete and main systems operating and ready for inspection by end of this phase.

Shipment #3

Shipment three contains drywall, siding, roofing, and decking. By end of this phase the home will have all of its surfaces in place and the home will be shaping up to its final form.

Shipment #4

The final shipment contains all of the remaining finish materials, such as flooring, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry & lighting. Final adjustments and cleanup are performed. After final inspections, the home is ready for move-in.