Be Your Own Power Plant: Solar Cheaper Than Coal?

Why buy power from your local utility when you can provide your own?  In the past, it only made sense to buy it because it was just too expensive to build your own.  But not now! The price for solar panels has dropped below the $1/watt mark with the total installed system being around $3-$3.50/watt  and the cost of a new coal power plant is over $6/watt 1.  Long story short you can have your own power plant and skip that never-ending ramp in electricity prices.

The catch?  Typical homes have large power requirements, costing well over $40,000+ to get close to being NetZero.

The problem? Their too big, poorly designed and built, drafty, leaky, thin walls, and have behemoth air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters and appliances.

The solution? Small, efficient, well designed and built, smart gear and good-looking too!- Acre home anyone?



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