Oak Grove Home- Downsizing for a Bigger Future

We have the blessing to build a new home for a wonderful family. This couple wanted a compact cozy home that was energy efficient and cost effective.  The couple has owned the property for over 10 years, dreaming about building and changing pace of life. Downsizing their home allowed them to rewrite their career situations and pursue life on their own terms.   It is now our opportunity to help them realize that dream and help shape a big part of their lives.

Oak Grove HomeWith  over 40 acres of beautiful  partially wooded farmland, the site is perfect for a simple cabin that encourages and invites the owners to take advantage of their views and space round them.

A simple form is both rustic and modern at the same time.  It’s small footprint sets the tone for an affordable AND efficient home. Tidy design, a tight shell, and interesting HVAC solutions will make for a very slim utility bill.  We’ll share more as this project develops.

Downsizing makes the outside seem bigger. Downsizing looks great.


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