New Wedding Barn comes Full Circle

Acre is thrilled to be working with Steve & Cindy Frey and Donovan Diaz at Weston Red Barn Farm, designing a new all-season wedding barn to expand their thriving events business. Perched atop a lush, rolling hill with one lone tree, the barn is perfectly sited to take in sunset views, cooling breezes and gatherings of up to 200 people. The design blends the traditional tobacco barns common to this area with elements from the existing farm to create a unique indoor-outdoor setting.

This project holds special significance for Andrew & me, as we were married at Weston Red Barn Farm on an April day almost five years ago. Since then we have grown to be friends, and now collaborators, with this wonderful family. We’ve enjoyed dinners around their farmhouse table, taken one and then two babies to pick pumpkins in the fall, and even held our daughter’s first birthday in the picturesque garden. It’s a beautiful and meaningful place, and we are so honored to touch the landscape and to create a space where other couples will say their vows and begin their journeys.

The barn will be complete this fall. To book an event, please visit

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