Love and Elopement…err, Marriage

When my younger sister recently got engaged, and the wedding madness quickly ensued, I was reminded of the offer my best friend’s dad had made all of her siblings.  He would pay for the wedding, or if they chose to elope he offered $20,000 cash toward a downpayment on a home.  While I’m sure he was hoping to avoid months of bridal magazines, budget busts and family meltdowns (he is an electrical engineer, after all), that was only a side benefit of watching his kids make a sound financial decision. He was hoping to provide a positive start for his children and their new spouses, placing them on solid financial footing that would set a direction for their entire married life.  Viewed in the context of my sister’s upcoming vows, and with the lessons of our own wedding behind us, I can’t imagine a more loving and thoughtful gift.

With an Acre home, such a gift could go even farther!  For the average cost of a wedding today, nearly $30,000, a young couple could be halfway toward owning their home – and one that incurs no utility bills or further debt.   Can you imagine a more meaningful gift for your children and loved ones than a debt-free start to life?  Acre makes that goal more attainable and long-lasting.


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