Series A– Fits well on most light urban and sub-urban lots.  A 50’x120′ will fit all of the A series homes with a garage using moderate setbacks.  A 50’x150′ is more generous, especially when including a garage.


  • A2- 21′ x 45′
  • A3- 29′ x 54′
  • A4- 29′ x 64′

Series B– On a common 50’x120′ lot, only the B2 & B3 will just fit.  The B Series is best suited for wider lots that can let this outdoor oriented home breath.


  • B2- 28’4.5″ x 48’1″
  • B3- 32’4.5″ x 56’6.5″
  • B4- 39’4.5″ x 64’6.5″


Acre Slope Excercise2.pdf_001

Slope– Slope of your land probably has the greatest impact on construction costs.  A heavily sloped lot will have higher costs for the foundation, utility connections, septic, driveway, terracing, etc.  That said, sloped lots can provide fantastic views and because of their difficulty, be priced lower.

Tree Coverage– A heavily treed lot is great in many ways, but can limit solar access.  Check out Google’s Project Roof on a house that would be similarly sighted.

Setback ranges (city dependent):

  • Front 15-30′
  • Sides 5-10′
  • Rear 15-30′


We eliminate the pain of typical construction with curated options, straightforward pricing and a rapid build. But the process is only part of the story. We obsess over high-quality, low-maintenance details throughout, to make living in an Acre home a joy.


We bring together the most advanced materials and technologies, for a home that functions like a modern product should. Completely powered by the sun, responsive and flexible in design, and built upon technology. It’s how our homes define a different future.


2 Bedrooms
1 Bath
1,200-1,400 sq ft



3 Bedrooms
2 Bath
1,500-1650 sq ft



4 Bedrooms
2.5 Bath
1,800-2100 sq ft


Price is all inclusive for a fully constructed, turnkey home with appliances, all finishes, solar panels, and even an allowance for a simple foundation.

Smart Lifestyle

So much of our life revolves around the home, and we believe that experience should be remarkably different.  A smart lifestyle is not just about a gadget, but is about our time, our health, and our finances.


A healthy home provides fresh clean air and water, carefully limits potential pollutants during construction, and is an over all uplifting environment.  Acre goes the extra mile to make Acre homes a healthy environment for your family.


Technology drives Acre homes.  From the included solar panels and optional Tesla Powerwall, to the latest in HVAC advances to the home automation system that brings it all together, Acre provides a house that leverages technology to make your life just a bit easier and more enjoyable.

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