Palm Springs

Hot or Cold, We Have a Home for That.

If, like us, you’ve been dreaming of an Acre home next to the ski slopes AND palm trees, today is your lucky day! Announcing two exciting additions to the Acre family:

Palm Springs, California &

Breckenridge, Colorado


We’ll soon have homes in two of the best vacation destinations in the country. And since these homes are part of the Acre “Sleep on It” Program, you’ll be able to book the houses via AirBnB! Breckenridge will feature the Origin Series A design, while the Origin Series B will be right at home among the famous mid-century architecture of Palm Springs. Both homes will begin construction later this year.

These locations also represent two of the most challenging climates for our Zero-Energy homes. Palm Springs is in a desert oasis, where summer temps often climb above 110-degrees. Breckenridge is a high alpine climate, averaging well above 100 inches of snowfall each winter.  We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, which we’ll be sharing as we document each build, so stay tuned!



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