This Zero-Energy Home Is Run By Machines And Costs A Lot Less Than A Regular House

A net-zero house—one that creates as much energy as it uses—is usually a pricey custom design. The cost is one reason that there are only around 600 of the homes in the U.S. today.

But a new startup wants to make a house with no energy bills as cheap as buying a standard power-sucking McMansion. The Axiom House is ultra-efficient, runs on renewable power, and smart: Robots handle everything from lighting and security to mowing the lawn.

“We feel that on many levels, the typical home is terribly out of date,” says Andrew Dickson, cofounder of Acre Designs, which created the new house. “We view this as an opportunity to redefine what the American home is, and tailor for a lifestyle that is more focused on doing great things than having things.”

While almost every other product has evolved, typical homes haven’t changed much for generations, even though…Continue Reading HERE.


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