Acre Vacation Home

An Acre Vacation Home is Closer than You Think

Create a stunning vacation home you can manage from anywhere, and we’ll help you pay for it!

You may already know that Acre makes it simple to build a Zero-Energy Smarthome. Our homes produce all their own power, use 70% less water, and can be built in half the time of a typical house. Did you also know they make ideal second homes? And building one in your dream location just got easier.

Last week we announced the first Acre “Sleep on It” home, being built in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which owners Megan and Jesse Lea will be offering on AirBnB when they’re not staying there. We were amazed by the immediate requests to book the home, even though it’s not even built yet!

The “Sleep-on-It” Program is the perfect way to help finance your second home, offer a unique property that will attract guests, and help us spread the Acre story. Here are a few details about the program, and what it could mean for you if you’re considering an Acre home in a destination spot:

  • For properties that will be available to Acre customers at least 50 days per year
  • For those who are ready to be (or already are) a high-quality, engaged AirBnB host
  • Significant discounts, based on number of days the home is available
  • Acre guarantees a certain number of bookings per year
  • You keep all rental income
  • Build anywhere in the country, including remote lots with no utilities
  • Don’t pay energy bills for a home you’ll use part-time!
  • Enjoy high-quality, low-maintenance materials – so your vacation can be a vacation!

Why are we offering this program? Because to make it simple for you – and others – to build an Acre home, we need examples throughout the country.

Feedback from our first home taught us that the best way to understand an Acre home is to experience it firsthand. And not just tour through like you would a model home, but actually stay for a while and get comfortable. Try out the smarthome features, cook on the induction stove, and run a load of laundry through the all-in-one washer/dryer. If you’re there for a while, you’ll pick up on the subtle, sensory differences – like how quiet an Acre home is, and how steady and even the temperature feels.
And since remote management tools – like smart locks, water leak alerts and lighting controls on your phone – make it easy to manage and share your home from afar, Acre homes are ideal for vacation properties. Not to mention that we can usually build on difficult lots – as is often the case in remote locations – where utility lines haven’t been run or build seasons are short.

So if you’ve been dreaming of building on that ideal piece of property, let’s talk about creating a sustainable smarthome you can share through the Acre “Sleep-on-It” Program. It will mean great things for you, for the environment, and for getting Acre homes to market for homebuyers throughout the country. 
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