Get Cozy with the Next Acre Family

Megan and Jesse Lea are building an Acre home in Cannon Beach, Oregon – and they’re inviting you for a stay!


The beautiful seaside town of Cannon Beach – with iconic haystacks, abundant wildlife, and charming specialty shops – is a weekend destination for city-dwellers in nearby Seattle and Portland. The Leas, who spend most of their time in Portland, have been searching for sustainable options to remake their dilapidated 1970s beach house – affectionately dubbed the “Ratty Ranch.” They’ve chosen the Acre Origin Series A design to share with their two young boys, and when they’re not using the home they’ll be making it available to others via AirBnB. Now anyone considering an Acre home can spend a relaxing weekend getting familiar with the quality, layout and features of our homes.


We’ll invite guests to cook a meal, wash a load of laundry, try out the smarthome features, and soak up the quiet and comfort. Each of these is unique in an Acre home, and there’s no substitute for experiencing it firsthand to help you make your decision to build with us. We’re calling it the “Sleep on It” program, and we’re looking for other homeowners to repeat this model in interesting destinations throughout the country.


We couldn’t have found a better couple to create the first “Sleep on It” home – and a great story – with. Megan works in sustainable design and architectural salvage. Jesse, a startup founder himself, is an expert in rapid prototyping and 3D printing. They’ve been researching and tinkering with sustainable and prefab options for years, and have become enthusiastic and knowledgeable ambassadors for the Acre way of building.


We’ll be sharing the story of their build and it’s sure to be an entertaining one, so stay tuned!  

If you’re interested in building an Acre home – whether all for yourself, or to share via the “Sleep on It” program – please call us today!



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